So I was just about to lay down for bed when I remembered that I had to write something for Sam Scratch. I feel simultaneously excited and worried. Mostly because I realize that making something a habit is a chore at first, but I'm looking forward to writing here everyday (or mostly everyday) nevertheless.

Anyway, not quite sure what the purpose of this particular post is (and I get the feeling that that's what a lot of my shit's going to be for a while), but I just finished painting the starting phases of a little art project I'm doing. I don't consider myself to be a design guru or even very artistic for that matter. I actually struggle to draw simple figures or think of creative designs that probably come really easy to people who are just naturally talented at this stuff. Maybe that's why I get so drained after. Because I spend 90% of my energy on just making sure that the lines I'm trying to paint are straight.  But! I do enjoy making things regardless - especially for gifts.

But I'm not going to say what I'm working on just yet. Maybe tomorrow. Or in a week. Hehe.

Anyway, be back tomorrow bright and earlier.

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