I woke up today from a not so shitty dream. But then again I can't remember what I dreamt about so it could have been shitty. I woke up slowly, but what's new. Listened to some Chainsmokers (Thanks, Nick). Have you guys heard their new song? No? You're missing out.

Anyway, it was another beautiful day, and I had lunch with someone very close to my heart. My favorite teacher, of all time, in fact. Actually, she was the one who inspired me to pursue writing as a career, was there for me when I needed someone the most, and who gave me the final push I needed to get the fuck out of my house. I believe I definitely met her for a reason, but no big deal you know hehe. The food was good but the company was fucking great. I asked her about her recent trip to Cancun which could have gone better (the trip, not the conversation) and about the latest drama amongst the school staff.

I usually hate being around negative people, but I have to say that the cynicism is definitely part of her charm. And it's not even like, actual draining, toxic negativity. It's the kind that you get from having enough life experience to acknowledge that something is stupid but still having enough wit and awareness about you to make light of it - even if that light is tinged with salt. Though I sometimes worry about her getting too bogged down by the shit you don't need in life, she's definitely one of the realest, most grounded people I know, so I respect the things she has to say a lot.

I remember her saying something about how she wished she had something better to say to me while I was going through a particularly rough time in my life, a year ago. I'm sure she knows, but I think it's worth mentioning again that just her taking the time to listen to me bitch and cry and all that shit was so much more than she needed to do, and more than I could have asked for. Now, one year later, my life has taken a complete 180 and I'm having the best year of my life. She's seen me at my worst, she's seeing me at my best, and in all honesty, she saw me grow up. She's always been one of the first people I went to to tell about any news, and I'm sure she'll continue to be for many years.

Even though she disapproved, paying for lunch today was the least I could do to repay her for all the good she's brought to my life.

See you all tomorrow!

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