Dear Me,

Although, I'm writing this on the afternoon of August 16th at a Starbucks in Buena Park while I sip on a grande shaken berry sangria herbal tea (shaken because their sparkle machine was broken) this post will appear on the afternoon of Saturday, August 27th which should be the weekend after my first week of college.

I am writing this to you now with a few questions that I expect you to answer in the next blog post.

The questions are as follows:

  1. Do you still feel like studying Journalism? Please answer this one because I really need to know this in order to figure out my life.
  2. How do you feel now that you are a full fleged freshman again? That's back to the bottom for you.
  3. Is your English professor as bad as Rate My Professor warned you he would be?
  4. Do you actually need to get up at 6:30?
  5. Did Oxford prep you adequately for this experience?

Please write back soon. Make sure to eat breakfast every day. And don't forget to read and write everyday because it'll help you grow.

Love always,

You, a week ago.

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