So I had my first day of college today which, strangely enough, was not a lot unlike my first day at Oxford (I would say high school, but I actually started at Oxford in junior high and stayed for high school so).

For those of you who don't know, Oxford Academy is a college preparatory junior high/high school in Cypress, CA. They require you to test in and admit about 200 or so 7th graders every year, though if you don't get in your 7th grade year, you can try to compete for the spots people leave if they drop out up to 9th grade. There are only about a little over 1000 students at Oxford.

I'm starting to feel just how much of a bubble Oxford really is on some real levels. Like, (and I might add that I don't know why I was thinking this) for some reason I was thinking that my college campus would be small. Small enough to find everything I need to find in 30 minutes.

Maybe I'm just bad at reading maps or actually not as smart as I'd like to think I am, but after finding my first building pretty easily, it took me almost twenty minutes to find the building that my theater class would be in. Granted, the building was very small and there were no signs leading up to it. But still.

Oh, and I definitely had some teachers in high school take it really seriously if you were even just a little bit late to class. But I mean, maybe it's just the fact that your classes are so close together in high school and you are required to be there because of the law, but being late wasn't actually that big of a deal. Or maybe they just trusted us at Oxford to show up and be on time. But in college, they take it really seriously if you're late. Which makes sense, I guess. I know it has something to do with financial aid and them being weary of people stealing it by not showing up to class, but I suspect that it also has something to do with the fact that college students (are supposed to) have more control over their lives and the threat of detention is no longer a thing. So they'll just destroy your grade.

I also was used to being around only Asian people who thought that their only paths in life were doctor or lawyer. That being said, classes like theater or choir at Oxford were not taken as seriously as math and science were. Even though the theater class I'm taking is still only a lecture class and not actually acting or anything, it was still so refreshing to be around people there who are actually pursuing theater as their career. I'm only taking it to fulfill my arts requirement, but I can't say that their enthusiasm brings out my enthusiasm.

Awkward Award For The Day: I'm sitting and waiting for my communications professor to show up, and this girl who looks to be in her 20s walks in. I think to myself, cool, she's in my communications class too. Turns out she's the professor. She also happens to be a really cool professor who I'll probably write more about later but yeah. Awkward.

All in all, I managed to make it through my first round of college classes and I'm stupidly excited to start school again tomorrow. Round 2 has my more challenging classes so I'm curious to see how that goes. And I managed to make a fabulous friend today.

See you all tomorrow!

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