So I haven't been posting everyday and I'm sorry, but festival going is hard work. 

Anyway, KAABOO has its ups and downs but overall has been one of the best experiences I've ever had.

I saw Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness on Friday. The first time I heard him was when Nick and I were going through the Calamity. I'm not going to pretend his music was a big influence in my life at the time but it definitely was one more small thing that helped me through a really rough time.

Now, a little over a year later Nick and I stood and watched him rock the stage for my first ever concert/festival experience. We've come a long way.

I know the Calamity means virtually nothing to you, but don't worry yourselves too much about it. 

Also, I had the best night of my life at The Chainsmokers. It's definitely something I can't wait to tell my future grandkids about. 

Life is beautiful, guys. Don't forget to live it.

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