Today I went surfing with Nick, his brother, Dan, and Dan's friends. I'm no surfer (yet, I hope), so I can't sit here and tell you guys that I was catching waves and having a great time when in reality, I got caught in no man's land and couldn't paddle past the breaking waves.

Actually, I'm not really kidding anyone. I can't paddle.

Actually actually, I did catch one wave with the help of Dan (thanks, Dan).

So I mostly got battered by waves which is cool. And I got a mysterious bruise on my leg. Also, trying to put on a full body wetsuit is seriously a test. I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of Hercules' tasks to become a god again.

But, people, I'm making it one of my life's goals to at least be a mediocre surfer. Expect more blog posts on the topic.

As of now, my next surfing date is scheduled for next weekend, but seems like it's back to the pool for me to practice paddling. And balancing. And basically everything crucial to surfing.

On a more interesting note, Nick and I made a trip down to the local Vons to buy a bunch of fruit because he and I are monster snackers. Trust me, it's a big step for us because most of our snacks as of late have consisted of Pop Tarts, Fruit By The Foot, and Goldfish. We were doing fine with the whole quest to be healthier until we had to make a decision about what to do for dinner. We almost gave in and went with Taco Bell but Dan saved the day again with chicken pot pie.

Thanks, Dan.

I promise to post updates on the progress of my quests to be a healthy surfer (lol).

See you all tomorrow.

"Every time I put on a wetsuit I feel like I'm being born again. And it's not fun to be born again when you're an adult. It's horrible." - Nick 2016

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