I know I'm posting way earlier than I'm used to but this is truly a monumental moment in my life's simple story. I'm sitting inside a starbucks doing work on my laptop writing and shit. It's almost like I'm a real journalist.

I see other really posh business people also doing work (not really, just one) and a nice family, someone with their head in their hands, and really bored looking baristas. I'm here with my Nick and he's in the middle of a craigslist transaction for EDC or something. Apparently they're talking about craigslist horror stories.

This caramel waffle cone frap tastes very cloyingly sweet. Like 99.99999% caramel and a whisper of waffle cone. Actually, if it weren't for the small waffle cone pieces sprinkled on top I would have thought this was called I LOVE CARAMEL11!!!1!!!111!

But anyway yeah. That's all for now people.

See you soon!

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