Last night Nick was doing this exercise where you think about your life goals and where they put you in three years. We talked extensively about where I wanted to be in three years.

It didn't go too well at first.

Mostly because I was getting stressed out thinking about a future that even I'm not sure about. And even though I'm not sure about that future, I still feel the need to do everything I can right now to be successful for it. A hustle, if you will.

Anyway, the discussion was getting pretty heated because I felt pressured to do something with my life and I was starting to shut down. Eventually though, I felt better because Nick assured me that talking about this was just me vocalizing what I want and not chaining to myself to a particular career path.

So, what do I want in three years?

I should be in my last year of college, and I want to be at SF State. Not particularly because SF State is a great school for journalism, but because some of the best up and coming new media companies have locations in SF. Plus, the people in the Bay Area just radiate with progressiveness and new ideas. I love it there!

I want to be at least paid interning at a really cool media company where I can write about really weird things, but also about what those things might say about society or the human condition. Hopefully, I'd also have published work for a real media company by then too, and be shadowing an experienced journalist that I really look up to.

And all of those career aspirations are just fine, but in all honesty, in three years I just want to be a better writer than I am now. I want to be the best writer that I can be at all times during those three years, and I want to keep getting better and better as I advance in my career.

I want to have a better understanding of the world, society, and the human condition than I do now. And as a result, I want to be a gentler, kinder, more understanding person. I already consider myself to be pretty kind and understanding, but I definitely feel like everyone's capacity to empathize with others is never at the maximum.

Well, that's enough with my idealist views of life for now, right? See you all tomorrow!

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