I've been thinking, probably really unnecessarily, about the question I posed in my last blog post.

I mean, it could quite simply just be the fact that my 8:00 AM journalism class is an 8:00 AM journalism class that makes everyone look like they don't want to be alive.

Though, I vaguely feared for a second that maybe journalists weren't particularly peppy people.  But that's true and not true. Every industry has every kind of person even though it's true that some could be considered "happier" than others.

I personally am not sure if I could deal with extremely negative people for a very long time, but I think no matter what I choose to pursue, I can make it work. That's important for everyone to remember because we all truly have the power to live the lives we want to live.

I know that things can get really shitty. Like really, really shitty. But I want you all to remember that there is always a way to make things better. It may be a rough choice, or not a very obvious choice, but the investment - especially in yourself- is almost always worth the reward.

And even though it's so cliche that it'll probably make you throw up reading it, everything always works itself out. With a little bit of luck and open eyes for opportunity of course.

And in the words of my journalism professor (and Seneca): "Luck is when opportunity meets preparation."

See you all tomorrow!

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