1. If you just talk to kids normally like they're adults they make so much more sense.
  2. You have to cook crepes until they're golden brown before you flip them, or else they'll break.
  3. The only way to expand your comfort zone is to do things outside of it on the regular.
  4. If your surfboard even gets a little bit smaller, It. Changes. Everything.
  5. More often than not, giving people the trust to come through will actually give them more incentive to follow through.
  6. If you ask someone to watch your stuff when you're out and you need to take a phone call or something, chances are, they will watch your stuff. I mean, unless you're asking the person who is going to steal it then you're kind of out of luck.
  7. It's easier said than done but jumping to conclusions is not the way to go.
  8. However! There is something to be said about human instinct, so if someone is giving you the creeps when you first meet them you're probably onto something.
  9. Try not to make assumptions about things you don't know about. Just try.
  10. And I know this one goes totally against #9 but throw that shit out the window when you're driving. Because when you're driving, you need to automatically assume that everyone else driving who is not you is an imbecile. Trust me, it'll save you so much.
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