Yesterday I was doing laundry. Laundry is one of my favorite past times, and so I thought nothing of it for the first load other than the fact that I was really happy to be doing laundry.

But while I was hanging the dark colors on the drying rack, I realized that this was the first time I've ever done mine and Nick's laundry together. I know. It's weird. Laundry is such a simple thing to do. But to me, it was truly a monumental moment in mine and Nick's little adventure. It would be the first of many loads of laundry and the first of many other chores we'd do together.

I know people say that being in love somehow makes the big things just a little bit sweeter, but no one mentions that it also applies to the small things in life. We've traveled together. We've been to Disneyland together. We're moving in together. All of those created memories that I'll never forget. But no one told me that washing dishes or grocery shopping together would be just as special.

I think of all this as I hang his clothes - and mine - to dry, and my heart can't help but feel a little bit lighter in quiet, yet thrilled, anticipation for our future.

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