1. Make weird music for each other (yayayayayayayaya)
  2. Immediately accepting their dog into your heart
  3. Make weird songs for the dog
  4. "Do you want some water? Nevermind. Don't answer that. You need water. I'm going to bring you water."
  5. Fix Nick's hair
  6. Blurt out random South Park references in conversation
  7. When looking for a South Park episode to watch on Hulu, blurting out a funny line from an episode that we scroll over
  8. Lizard kisses
  9. Making weird/funny/obscene things out of kinetic sand and sending the pictures to Nick
  10. Kissy noises over the phone
  11. Cleaning each other's ears
  12. Sorting packets of fire sauce into piles that have the same caption on the front
  13. Eating Taco Bell every other day
  14. "What time is it?" "Idk, like elev-" "BOBA TIME"
  15. Prop our plushie Dumbo (Winston) up on the pillows every time we make the bed
  16. Roar like Totoro when we like something
  17. See funny things that even vaguely remind us of the other and say "That's you"
  18. Decide we're going to eat at Silverlake Ramen and proceed to starve ourselves for the day until we get there so we can eat hella ramen
  19. Midnight snacks
  20. Playing Pokemon together
  21. Not being able to sleep unless the other is somehow nearby
  22. Saying "I love you" in weird/funny voice
  23. img 0042
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