I woke up this morning from a pretty shitty dream. Doesn't matter though, because it's a god damn beautiful day today. And since it's such a god damn beautiful day, I decided to pick myself up and mob it down to the beach to work at the Starbucks on the HB Promenade - after filling up my gas tank, of course.

Driving down Beach Blvd with all my windows rolled down (except my passenger side window because it's broken) basking in the sun with the wind in my hair reminded me of what summers are supposed to be all about. Although I am really excited to be moving to a new city, I will admit that I'm a liiiittle sad about leaving behind Huntington Beach.

Luckily for me, traffic getting to the beach wasn't horrible at all. Unluckily for me, I wish I could tell you guys I'm writing from the Starbucks on the Promenade, but it seems like everyone had the same idea as me. Parking was a total shit show. I drove up and down looking for any meter, any obscure area that wasn't painted red or guarded by a fire hydrant. I even went down the residential streets with no luck.

Good thing there was another Starbucks nearby because I'm sitting here writing to you sipping on a Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk instead of water. Yes it's the pink rainbow drink, and yes, I know I'm basic as fuck.

Nonetheless, I am happy to be out and I hope you all are enjoying your days too.

See you tomorrow!

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